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seymour pigeons

parrots == messy!

Hi all! I'm wondering how everyone keeps their houses clean with pets running around.  Specifically, for all of you parrot (or other bird) owners out there, what are your tricks for keeping your cage area clean? What do you do to cut down on the mess? How do you make things easier to keep clean?

Things I've done are:
  • Pin a big sheet of stiff, clear plastic to the wall behind their cage. (This is actually the clear plastic pieces from 2 big poster boards taped together and nailed to the wall.) It's super easy to wipe down after they've flung bits of wet food everywhere during a meal.
  • Put a plastic office chair mat underneath the cage. This helps with cleaning poops up off of the floor. (Our floor is wood, but the poop doesn't cement onto the plastic the way it does the wood.)
  • Take the grating out of the bottom of the cage. It's one fewer thing to scrub, and my caiques love playing on the bottom of the cage now. The caiques are too big to fit through the resulting gap, although I'm brainstorming ways to block it off anyway.
  • Get a little Dustbuster handheld vacuum. It makes cleaning up the crumbs around the cage a snap. (It works great on rabbit poops and Carefresh bedding, too!)
  • Keep a roll of paper towels and a squirt bottle full of vinegar water under the birdcage. This way it's handy for cage cleanings, and I can wipe up poops when they're fresh instead of scrubbing them when they've already turned to cement.
  • Use a scrubby sponge (it's like a regular sponge sewn inside a scrubby sack) for cage, floor, and windowsill cleanup.  One-stop scrubbing! :)
What kinds of things do you guys do to keep things tidy around your birdcages?
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