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Drooling on microfiber.

We recently bought a new microfiber couch and turned down the extremely pricey fabric treatment they offered us at the furniture store. Unfortunately, I have a Dogo Argentino who is allowed up on certain pieces of furniture (including the new couch) and while we've used some throws and stuff to help protect the fabric (and he gets a blanket on there at night when he's on it the most) he is quite the drooler and has already slobbered all over the parts that aren't protected by throws and blankets.

What's the best way to remove doggie drool from microfiber?
How might I be able to remove potential kibble-slobber stains from it?
Is there an inexpensive way to help protect my new couch besides throws and the like?

And just so it's not all brain-picking, here's a photo of Caiman on the aforementioned sofa.

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