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house cleaning advice: maintaining a clean home

i need some house cleaning advice. especially from pet owning house cleaners :) how do you maintain clean spaces for your creatures (not meaning the cages necessarily, unless it affects the environment around the cage)? do you follow a routine, or do you wait until it's a hideous mess? what about the rest of your house? how do you decide when you need to clean bathrooms, vacuume, ect?

any house cleaning tips from those who live with rabbits and parrots specifically?

i appreciate any input. i'm starting to feel bad about how there's always bird seed or hay all over the floor (although my dog helps by hoovering some of that up, lol), how messy i am in general and how my family is so nice enough to put up with me. i want to help my mom keep this place a little cleaner. thanks.

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I have a rabbit, parrots, dogs, and cats that all help with the mess. To start with, there is NO carpet in my house anywhere, period. That makes it so much easier to clean.

Generally, the main areas of the house (upstairs and downstairs) are swept daily or every other day, and indepth vacuumed and mopped every 7 - 10 days. Sweeping daily makes the hay, dog/cat/bunny hair, and various bird stuff never really build up into a horrible mess.

Bunny cage is cleaned roughly once a week (hay bits swept up, litter box tossed in compost). Parrot cages are cleaned on a cycle every 2 - 3 days, which involves changing papers, removing any horrors of poop on them, etc, and rotating toys.

For the rest of the house, bathrooms get cleaned when they look dirty, kitchen is cleaned essentially daily (counters wiped, stove wiped, sink emptied).

With or without pets, the general rules to keep things clean is to do something every day and keep up with it before it becomes a giant raging mess.
i am determined to have no carpeting in my house when i own a home. except maybe the bedrooms.

thank you for your input!
I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and a beardie (no birds or animals with hay), but our two big dogs make a pretty big mess by themselves and the cats certainly help.

I'm not the best about cleaning (I get incredibly lazy sometimes), so I made a Home Management Binder. It has a list of chores to do on a daily basis (some are as needed), and I split it up so I clean a room a day (or two rooms that don't get as messy on one day). With each room, I split up how frequently to do chores.

For example, Daily chores are split up as follows:
Wipe down counters
Wipe down table
Empty/take out trash

Wipe down counters
Wipe down seat
Wipe sinks

Make bed
Put dirty clothes in hamper

Living Room:
Pick up/declutter
Wipe down table

Matt's chores:
Load/Unload dishwasher
Put away dishes

My chores:
Put away laundry
Water plants

Feed animals
Groom animals

Monday is the Bedroom. On a weekly basis, we dust, change the sheets, clear/wipe down the headboard, clear/wipe down the entertainment center, throw away trash, tidy up shelves, put away movies, and put up books. On Week 1, we clean the windows. Week 2, we Dust and spot clean the walls, and vacuum. Week 3, Clean the ceiling fan/light fisture and wash the curtains. Week 4, Vacuum. Seasonal cleaning is to purge clothing and knick knacks.

Do we actually do all those things? Unfortunately no, but at least it gives us a starting place for cleaning things instead of having no clue where to start. Of course, I saw "we" when I really mean "me" (my husband doesn't do much cleaning himself, and doesn't always stay on top of the dishes). My house is still messy (since I'm a pack rat that's trying to declutter everywhere currently), but it's not as bad as before I did this.

The nice thing with a Home Management Binder is we also have a list of Emergency Numbers (in case we ever have anyone house/pet sitting), a section for cleaning tips, a Food section (which is basically a section for us to put menus to different restaurants), and a Misc section for whatever else (like I'll be putting Hecate's insurance forms in there and, whenever we add Eddie to the policy, his will go there as well).
you might be on to something. i should make a similar type of binder, sounds like it's helpful. thanks
It definitely helps. Again, I'm not the best about following, but at least it gives me a starting point. My mother (who is one of the tidiest and more organized people I know) wants me to make her one as well since it's so useful.

Glad the idea seems to have helped you, too! :)
Put pet clean up on your regular schedule. Just like our pets, we are creatures of habit. If you clean up your pet space every Wed and Sat at a certain time it will eventually become part of your regular routine. After awhile you will end up doing it on your regular days without even thinking about it.
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