seymour pigeons (rumorofrain) wrote in outdamndspot,
seymour pigeons

cleaning a bird cage?

So I've got these two small parrots who live in a big, palatial cage. Everything scrubs off of it nicely with vinegar water and a scrubby sponge, but where the bars are welded to the frame there are these little gaps where crud accumulates.

Every couple of weeks I get out a handful of toothpicks and pick all the crud out of the cracks. It works, but it takes a while and some places are hard to reach.

The bird boarder who takes care of our birds while we're on vacation has the cleanest, sparkliest cages. How does she do it?!?! She can't possibly spend her whole day toothpicking gunk out of the crevices of all of her birdcages.

Other pertinent details: I can't really drag it outside and hose it down (too big, and there's a flight of stairs between my apartment and the outdoor hose), nor is it practical to take it apart. It's far too big to lug into the shower.

So I'm appealing to you, o wise internet folk. Any cage cleaning tips for me?
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