seymour pigeons (rumorofrain) wrote in outdamndspot,
seymour pigeons


I recently bought a refurbished Roomba (on sale from, which seems to have them at a steep discount every so often). I was a bit skeptical, but this thing is amazing! It thoroughly vacuums my whole apartment while I'm at work (I've got the "Scheduler" type) and I come home to a sparkling clean apartment. Awesome!

The Roomba is very good at picking up cat and rabbit fur, bird feathers, crumbs, cat litter, bits of hay, and everything else my pets throw down. It's incredibly good at sucking up dust, too - I didn't even know my house was dusty until I emptied its chamber.

It's a little pricier than a regular vacuum (which is why it took me so long to get one), but if you've got the cash it's a great investment. My apartment has never been cleaner!
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