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Great Community!

I'm so glad this community was started and its just perfect for what I was wondering!

I have a beagle/basset puppy I recently rescued from the shelter and a congo african grey parrot.

The poor little girl is having some health issues (diarehea, can't control her pee) and has made a mess on the carpets. I know to take her to the vet (which has been done), but I need a bird-safe way to clean up the smell!

Luckily I'm moving out in a little over a month and they were already planning on tearing up the carpet to remodel anyway so stains aren't as big an issue as smell. I need to live here in the mean time and the smell bothers myself, guests, the bird, and probably the dog as well.

I'm afraid to get pet carpet deodorizer because of the bird, I don't want to cause respiratory distress or poisen him. I've been using an oxy-magic on the fresh spots but there is still a lingering smell.

Any suggestions on an all over freshening/smell remover that would be safe around my parrot?

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