seymour pigeons (rumorofrain) wrote in outdamndspot,
seymour pigeons

Product Recommendation: Bac-Out

My partner recently found a product called Bac-Out at our local health food coop.

We picked up a bottle to see how it would fare against the stinkiness of our compost bins and rabbit and cat litterboxes. (Let me tell you, rabbit pee stinks!)

This stuff works like a charm! It has a very pleasant lime scent and it gets rid of odors astonishingly well. It's an enzyme-based product, and it's human- and animal-safe.

This week we were bringing a bowl of cucumber salad with a yogurt-based dressing to my sin-laws' house, and the dressing spilled all over the back seat of the car. I was afraid the dairy-based dressing would curdle and stink, especially in this heat, but my boyfriend used Bac-Out on the seat and it didn't smell at all.

I'm sold! It's a really effective product.
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