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Dogs = = smelly!

Hi everyone, the last post about keeping your house clean when you live with birds was a great idea! This one is about dogs, feel free to start one about the pets you have too (cats, rats, rabbits etc).

We have inside dogs who are allowed on the furniture, so things we have done are:
  • Everything we buy for the house is subject to two key criteria. Can it be wiped clean or washed in a washing machine? If not, then we very rarely buy it. We've gone from a house with carpet and curtains and fabric upholstery to one with polished floors and blinds and an industrial vinyl couch. I keep it from being totally "hard" in an interior design sense by using washable throws and cushions.
  • When we last replaced our washing machine, I bought a ten kilo sized front loader. At the time I was a bit worried I was being excessive, but it's perfect for washing big batches of dog blankets and dog towels and large washable dog beds just fold up and go in it easily. I never buy dog bedding or coats unless I can machine wash them.
  • Designated place for dog mess cleaning equipment on top of the dog food fridge. Paper towels, enzyme cleaners (spray and liquid) and latex gloves. That way any mess is quickly and easily dealt with. We also have designated spots to store dog blankets and towels
  • Large thick cotton bath mats, they are sold here as "bath rugs". We put them by the back door on wet days to catch the worst of the muddy paws.
  • We feed raw meaty bones, but we don't keep the old ones especially as they get brittle. We used to let the place end up like a cow graveyard, but now once they get the new bone the old ones go in the bin at the same time.
  • Long handled poop scooper in the backyard. It's a small thing but it makes the dog crap cleanup job so much easier and more pleasant.
What kinds of things do you guys do?
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